Karun Agro Industry Incorporation

The establishment of Haft-Tappeh Sugarcane Agro Industries in 1960s and the success of industrial production in Iran, which could be considered as the forerunner of Middle East industries at that time, encouraged the Iranian government to carry out studies to expand sugarcane industries in Khuzestan province.
With this aim, the establishment of Karun Agro Industries was proposed in the beginning of 1970s, which was approved in November 1973. The project was carried out in less than 36 months, and the first production run started in March 1977.
All of these perspectives could be realized with the availability of currently potentials such as:
1.Existence of thousands of hectares of land; water and energy resources
2.Production of 700,000 tons of bagasse annually to be used as raw material for many other factories
3.Production of 60,000 tons of molasses annually to be used by many other plants
4.Production of 70,000 tons of filter mud annually which could be used to produce organic fertilizers, etc.
5.Production of 400,000 tons of sugarcane trash used for cattle feed, fish food, etc.
6.Production of 1.500,000 tons of white sugar from 1.700.000 of raw sugar and abilibty to increace it.
Currently, Karun Agro Industries Inc. is a private joint stock company.
Our site have arround 46000 hectares of land which we can cultivation over 31000 ha. from it.
More than 170 by-products of sugarcane have been mentioned by various references. These are mostly obtained from sugar, molasses and bagasse.